Step One: Choose your package.

Getting a professionally built ecommerce website or app is as easy as just purchasing the package you need!

Step Two: Send us your content!

After your order is made, you will get a list of instructions, as well as the content we need to get your app or website launched.

Step Three: Get your domain and developer licenses ready.

If we are hosting your website, we will need to port your domain over to our servers. If you are purchasing an app, you will need your own iOS and Google Play developer’s licenses for your app.When we need any access or credentials to load up your tech, we will get in touch with you.

Step Four: Launch, edit, notify your customers, and sell your stuff!

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a firm, or a Fortune 500, your new Purely Commerce App or Website will be ready to go in just days.With your dashboard, you can customize content, send push notifications to your users, keep track of your orders, or with the right package, you can even integrate your user base with your email or contact software!